Wiley's GMAT Critical Reasoning Grail 2019

Aristotle Prep

ISBN: 9788126576814

252 pages

INR 1299


The Wiley-Aristotle GMAT Critical Reasoning Grail 2019 is a definite resource for those who want to attain a high score on the Verbal section of the GMAT. In addition to reviewing the fundamentals of critical reasoning and different Critical Reasoning question types tested on the GMAT, this book takes you through common argument structures and red herring terms that you need to watch out for. The book builds a strong foundation by discussing the basics of Critical Reasoning and then addresses each question type in-depth. It then goes a step further and provides you 100 handpicked questions for intensive practice.



Section 1 – About the GMAT


Section 2 – Diagnostic Test


Section 3 – Basics of Critical Reasoning


Section 4 – Critical Reasoning Question Types

4.1 Find the Assumption Questions

4.2 Evaluate the Argument Questions

4.3 Strengthen the Argument Questions

4.4 Weaken the Argument Questions

4.5 Identify the Flaw Questions

4.6 Inference Questions

4.7 Explain the Paradox Questions

4.8 Provide a Logical Conclusion Questions

4.9 Miscellaneous Questions

a. Bold Face questions

b. Main Point questions

c. Parallel Reasoning Questions


Section 5 – Common Argument Structures

1. Causality

2. Representativeness

3. Arguments with Numbers

4. The Importance of Terminology on GMAT Critical Reasoning


Section 6 – Sentence Correction Practice Set

1. Questions 1 – 100

2. Answers and Explanations


Section 7 – Quick Recall

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