Wiley's Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude

TCY Online

ISBN: 9788126559008

460 pages

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INR 539


A Note to the Students

Section A: Reasoning Ability


Part I: Verbal Reasoning

Set I: General Aptitude

Chapter 1: Number and Letter Series

Chapter 2: Coding–Decoding, Number Operations

Chapter 3: Digit Sequence and Word Formation

Chapter 4: Blood Relations and Direction Sense


Set II: Analytical Reasoning I

Chapter 5: Sitting Arrangement: Linear/Circular


Set III: Analytical Reasoning II

Chapter 6: Selection and Matching

Chapter 7: Comparison, Ranking and Sequencing


Set IV: Analytical Reasoning III

Chapter 8: Logical Connectives

Chapter 9: Syllogisms/Deductions

Chapter 10: Input–Output Analysis

Chapter 11: Decision Making


Set V: Critical Reasoning

Chapter 12: Statement and Assumptions

Chapter 13: Statement–Conclusion, Statement–Course of Action, Strong and Weak Argument

Chapter 14: Cause and Effect, and Critical Reading

Chapter 15: Principal and Immediate Cause, Assertion and Reason


Set VI: Arithmetical Reasoning

Chapter 16: Mathematical Puzzles


Part II: Non-Verbal Reasoning

Chapter 17: Visual Reasoning

Chapter 18: Cubes and Dice


Section A: Reasoning Ability – Answers

Section B: Quantitative Aptitude


Set I: Arithmetical Ability

Chapter 19: Number System, HCF and LCM

Chapter 20: Mathematical Operations and VBODMAS

Chapter 21: Averages, Mixture and Alligation and Ages

Chapter 22: Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 23: Percentage

Chapter 24: Time, Speed and Distance

Chapter 25: Profit and Loss

Chapter 26: Time and Work

Chapter 27: Simple and Compound Interest


Set II: Algebra

Chapter 28: Equations


Set III: Geometry

Chapter 29: Lines, Angles, Triangles and Circles


Set IV: Mensuration

Chapter 30: Area and Volume


Set V: Modern Mathematics

Chapter 31: Set Theory

Chapter 32: Counting Techniques

Chapter 33: Probability


Set VI: Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

Chapter 34: Table and Line Graph

Chapter 35: Bar Graph

Chapter 36: Combined Data Sets

Chapter 37: Pie Charts

Chapter 38: Caselets

Chapter 39: Data Sufficiency


Section B: Quantitative Aptitude – Answers

Section C: Practice Tests


Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Practice Test 3

Practice Test 4

Practice Test 5

Practice Test 6

Practice Test 7

Practice Test 8

Practice Test 9

Practice Test 10

Answer Key

Answers to Practice Tests


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