PowerShell in Action, 2ed

Bruce Payette

ISBN: 9789350040690

1016 pages

INR 649


This expanded, revised, and updated Second Edition preserves the original's crystal-clear introduction to PowerShell and adds extensive coverage of v2 features such as advanced functions, modules and remoting. It includes full chapters on these topics and also covers new language elements and operators, events, Web Services for Management and the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment. The First Edition's coverage of batch scripting and string processing, COM, WMI, and .NET have all been significantly revised and expanded. The book includes many popular usage scenarios and is rich in interesting examples that will spark your imagination. This is the definitive book on PowerShell v2!


Part 1 Learning PowerShell

· Welcome to PowerShell

· Foundations of PowerShell

· Working with types

· Operators and expressions

· Advanced operators and variables

· Flow control in scripts

· PowerShell functions

· Advanced functions and scripts

· Using and authoring modules

· Module manifests and metadata

· Metaprogramming with scriptblocks and dynamic code

· Remoting and background jobs

· Remoting: configuring applications and services

· Errors and exceptions

· The PowerShell ISE and debugger


Part 2 Using PowerShell

· Working with files, text, and XML

· Extending your reach with .NET

· Working with COM

· Management objects: WMI and WS-MAN

· Responding in real time with eventing

· Security, security, security



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