Embedded / Real-Time Systems: Concepts, Design and Programming Black Book, New ed

Dr. K.V.K Prasad

ISBN: 9788177224610

INR 749


This book comprehensively covers the three main areas of the subject: concepts, design and programming. Information on the applications of the embedded/real-time systems are woven into almost every aspect discussed which of course is inevitable. Hardware architecture and the various hardware platforms, design & development, operating systems, programming in Linux and RTLinux, navigation systems and protocol converter are discussed extensively. Special emphasis is given to embedded database and Java applications, and embedded software development.

· Introduction to Embedded Systems

· Architecture of Embedded Systems

· Programming for Embedded Systems

· The Process of Embedded System Development

· Hardware Platforms

· Communication Interfaces

· Embedded/Real-Time Operating System Concepts

· Overview of Embedded/Real-Time Operating Systems

· Target Image Creation

· Representative Embedded Systems

· Programming in Linux

· Programming in RTLinux

· Development of Navigation System

· Development of Protocol Converter

· Embedded Database Application

· Mobile Java Applications

· Embedded Software Development on 89C51 Micro-Controller Platform

· Embedded Software Development on AVR Micro-Controller Platform

· Embedded Systems Applications Using Intel StrongARM Platform

· Future Trends





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