VLSI Design Black Book

Dr. K.V.K.K. Prasad, Kattula Shyamala

ISBN: 9788177227444

360 pages

INR 699


This book gives a comprehensive coverage of the VLSI technologies and the complete design process. The latest EDA tools are reviewed and an overview of VHDL and Verilog are presented. Through extensive case studies, how to design FPGA based systems is presented with detailed step-by-step procedures. The process of design, programming and testing is explained for various laboratory exercises of a VLSI course. In a nutshell, this book will impart you the expertise needed to become a good VLSI design engineer-exploit that expertise to come out with flying colors in your professional career!

Introduction to VLSI Design

· Traditional Approach to Hardware Design

· New Paradigms in Hardware Design

· VLSI Technology: Fundamentals and Applications

· Electronic Design Automation

· FPGA Design Flow


VLSI Design Technologies

· Combinatorial Design Technique

· Sequential Design Technique

· State Machine Logic Design Technique

· Design Issues



· MOS Technology and Fabrication Process

· pMOS

· nMOS



· Comparison of Different Processes


Building Blocks of a VLSI Circuit

· Computer Architecture

· Memory Architectures

· Communication Interfaces

· Mixed Signal Interfaces


VLSI Design Issues

· Design Process

· Design for Testability

· Technology Options

· Power Calculations

· Package Selection

· Clock Mechanisms

· Mixed Signal Design


EDA Tools: An Overview


· Architecture Design

· Design Entry

· Synthesis Tools: XST, Synplify and Leonardo Spectrum

· Functional Verification

· Timing Verification

· On-Chip Debugging


HDL Simulation and Synthesis

· Overview of VHDL

· Overview of Verilog

· Simulation

· Synthesis

· Behavioral Modeling

· Behavioral Modeling

· RTL Simulation

· VITAL Simulation


IC Design

· PLAs

· PLDs



· Selection of an Appropriate Integrated Circuit


FPGA Design Process

· Architectures of Popular FPGAs

· Choosing an FPGA

· FPGA Design Process

· FPGA Families of Different Vendors

· FPGA Design Examples


VHDL Implementation Examples

· Adder

· Multiplier

· Multiplexer


Case Study: Xilinx Development Board

· Xilinx ISE 10.1

· Development Board Architecture

· Interfacing with Peripherals


Case Study: Implementation of a Communication System

· Xtreme DSP Board Overview

· Design Details

· Implementation Details

· Simulation

· Testing Environment


Case Study: System-On-Chip Development

· System-On-Chip Requirements

· Design

· Implementation


Future Trends

· Ubiquitous Computing and Pervasive Computing Technologies

· VLSI Design Trends



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