French for Dummies, 2ed

Dodi-Katrin Schmidt, Michelle M. Williams, Dominique Wenzel, Zoe Erotopoulos

ISBN: 9788126534661

384 pages

INR 699


With this new edition, our bestselling French immersion title moves to the front of the crowded language learning shelf. Heeding the input of language experts as well as our customers, French For Dummies, 2nd Edition, features more than 25 percent new and revised content, while preserving the book's unique qualities that customers appreciate. The book features a revamped, user-friendly organization building on the reader's knowledge and ability, plus expanded coverage of necessary grammar for the beginner as well as a more focused approach to major tenses and conjugations that readers at this level need to know.


Part I: Getting Started

· The French You Already Know

· Laying the Foundation: Basic French Grammar

· Getting Started with Pronunciation and Basic Expressions

· Getting Your Numbers, Dates, and Times Straight

· Talking about Your Home, Family, and Daily Routine

Part II: French in Action

· Getting to Know You: Making Small Talk

· Asking Directions and Finding Your Way

· Bon Appétit! Dining Out and Going to the Market

· Shopping Made Easy

· Going Out on the Town

· Taking Care of Business and Telecommunicating

· Recreation and the Outdoors

Part III: French on the Go

· Planning a Trip

· Dealing with Money in a Foreign Land

· Getting Around: Planes, Trains, Taxis, and More

· Finding a Place to Stay

· Handling Emergencies

Part IV: The Part of Tens

· Ten Ways to Pick Up French Quickly

· Ten Things Never to Say in French

· Ten Favorite French Expressions

· Ten Phrases That Make You Sound French

Part V: Appendixes

· Appendix A: Mini-Dictionaries

· Appendix B: Verb Tables

· Appendix C: Answer Key

· Appendix D: On the CD


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