As a leading global publisher of trusted, innovative, and quality content—featuring thought leaders in the areas of scientific, scholarly, professional, consumer, and educational knowledge—Wiley is the place to partner when publishing.

Wiley draws its strength from the collaborative efforts of its authors and colleagues, a group made up of diverse, knowledgeable, creative people bound together by talent and integrity. Wiley is committed to providing authors with the tools they need in a supportive environment.

Resources for Wiley authors include:

RESOURCES FOR BOOK AUTHORS—Guidance and resources are available for current Wiley authors and those who are interested in publishing with Wiley.

RESOURCES FOR JOURNAL AUTHORSWiley supports journal authors at every step of the publishing process, helping them achieve quality, reach, and impact.

WILEY ONLINE LIBRARYOver 4 million articles from 1,500 journals, 8,000 books, hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols, and databases are available to a global audience of 16 million scientists and scholars.

THE WILEY NETWORKThis community is designed to help professionals, researchers, and educators reach their goals.  Interested in becoming a contributor to The Wiley Network? Visit our contributor's page and get in touch with us at

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