Chemistry, 5ed, ISV

James E. Brady, Fred Senese, Neil D. Jespersen

ISBN: 9788126519590

1056 pages

INR 999


Written by Jim Brady, an author well known for his ability to communicate chemistry, and Fred Senese, the architect of the most visited general chemistry web site, this book and its media are designed to support a variety of backgrounds. It maintains its hallmark feature of accurate, lucid, and interesting explanations of the basic concepts of chemistry as well as its comprehensive coverage and aid to readers in developing problem solving skills.


1. Fundamental Concepts and Units of Measurement

2. Elements, Compounds, and Chemical Reactions

3. The Mole: Relating the Microscopic World of Atoms to Laboratory Measurements

4. Reactions of Ions and Molecules in Aqueous Solutions

5. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

6. Energy and Chemical Change

7. The Quantum Mechanical Atom

8. Chemical Bonding: General Concepts

9. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

10. Properties of Gases

11. Intermolecular Attractions and the Properties of Liquids and Solids

12. Properties of Solutions; Mixtures of Substances at the Molecular Level

13. Kinetics: The Study of Rates of Reaction

14. Chemical Equilibrium -General Concepts

15. Acids and Bases: A Second Look

16. Equilibria in Solutions of Weak Acids and Bases

17. Solubility and Simultaneous Equilibria

18. Thermodynamics

19. Electrochemistry

20. Nuclear Reactions and Their Role in Chemistry

21. Nonmetals, Metalloids, Metals, and Metal Complexes

22. Organic Compounds, Polymers, and Biochemicals




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