Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis, 8ed (An Indian Adaptation): An Introduction

T. A. Brown, Wiley Editorial Team

ISBN: 9789354643644

472 pages


INR 3195


Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis: An Introduction, Eighth Edition is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook that explores all of the topics crucial to an understanding of gene cloning in an approachable way. This Adapted Edition has been developed based on the detailed feedback obtained from long-standing users of the book about how the book should be revised. Building on the strength of the previous editions, the focus of this adaptation has been on strengthening the concept coverage.


Part I The Basic Principles of Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis

1 Why Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis are Important

2 Vectors for Gene Cloning: Plasmids and Bacteriophages

3 Isolation and Purification of DNA from Living Cells

4 Manipulation of Purified DNA

5 DNA Amplification and Analysis Using Polymerase Chain Reaction

6 Introduction of DNA into Living Cells

7 Cloning Vectors for Prokaryotes (E. coli)

8 Cloning Vectors for Eukaryotes

9 How to Obtain a Clone of a Specific Gene


Part II The Applications of Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis in Research

10 Sequencing Genes and Genomes

11 Studying Gene Expression and Function

12 Studying Genomes

13 Studying Transcriptomes and Proteomes


Part III The Applications of Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis in Biotechnology

14 Production of Protein from Cloned Genes

15 Use of Recombinant DNA Technology in Medicine

16 Use of Recombinant DNA Technology in Agriculture

17 DNA Analysis in Forensic Science and Archaeology


Appendix A: Vectors Used for Transformation

Appendix B: Genetically Modified Organisms





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