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Comdex Computer Course Kit: Windows 7 with Office 2010

Vikas Gupta

ISBN: 9789350040898

588 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 399


The book covers all new features and programs of Windows, such as Internet Explorer, Outlook, etc. The book does not end here; after mastering Windows 7, the book introduces you to Microsoft Office 2010 and helps you in preparing professional letters, personal accounting sheets, presentations, databases and composing emails. The unique Tutor CD provided along with this book is a true add-on. While other books rely on theory and long explanations, the tutor CD accompanying this book helps you build skills on the software you have learned while reading the book.

Computer Basics

· Fundamentals of Computer


Windows 7

· Introducing Windows 7

· Exploring the Windows 7 User Interface

· Working with Windows Explorer

· Working with Windows 7 Programs

· Working with Internet Explorer and Windows Live Essentials


Microsoft Word

· Introducing Microsoft Word 2010

· Working with First Document in MS Word 2010

· Proofreading a Document

· Working with Pictures and Tables

· Using Mail Merge, Envelops and Labels


Microsoft Excel

· Introduction to Excel 2010

· Working with Worksheets and Cells

· Visualizing Data using Conditional Formatting and Sorting and Filtering Data

· Working with Charts, SmartArt graphics and Sparklines

· Working with Formulas and Functions


Microsoft PowerPoint

· Introducing Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

· Working with a Presentation

· Inserting Objects in a Presentation

· Enhancing the Presentation

· Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2010

· Working with Queries and Forms

· Creating Reports in MS Access 2010

· Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook 2010