Comdex Foundation of Information Technology, Class X, Revised & Updated (Course-165)

Vikas Gupta

ISBN: 9789386052230

388 pages

Exclusively distributed by Ratna Sagar



With rapid changes taking place in the field of computers, Information Technology (IT) has become a common phrase in today’s world. The impact of IT can be felt in every facet of our lives. This book has been designed to provide a strong base for students on different aspects of IT in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive manner. The book strictly conforms to the guidelines and objectives as laid down in the revised CBSE syllabus of “Foundation of Information Technology” for Class 10.

Unit I: Basics of Information Technology

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Internet

Chapter 2: Internet and Web Services


Unit II: Information Processing Tools

Chapter 3: Introduction to Database

Chapter 4: Database Management Tool—OpenOffice Base

Chapter 5: Information Representation Method—HTML-I

Chapter 6: Information Representation Method—HTML-II

Chapter 7: Information Representation Method—XML


Unit III: Societal Impacts of IT

Chapter 8: Societal Impacts of IT


Unit IV: IT Applications

Chapter 9: IT Applications



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