Deep Learning in the Browser

Xavier Bourry, Kai Sasaki, Christoph Korner, Reiichiro Nakano

ISBN: 9789386052988

210 pages

INR 799


This book is at the crossroads of web development and deep learning. Both technologies are beginning to meet, and their honeymoon will produce new fantastic applications that you can’t even imagine yet. In this book you will see both how to use the main JavaScript deep learning frameworks, and the web programming side with the capture of the inputs, and the WebGL Implementation. This book consists Introduction to deep learning, Deep learning frameworks for JavaScript, Building applications with TensorFlow.js etc.

  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Neural network architectures
  • Deep learning frameworks for JavaScript
  • JavaScript Fundamentals for Deep Learning
  • GPU acceleration with WebGL
  • Extracting data from the browser
  • Recipes for advanced data manipulation
  • Building applications with TensorFlow.js



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