Streaming Data

Andrew G. Psaltis

ISBN: 9789386052056

216 pages

INR 799


The world of real-time systems has been around for a long time; for many years real-time and/or streaming was solely the domain of hardware real-time systems. Those are systems where if an SLA isn’t met, there is potential loss of life. Over the last decade near-real-time systems have emerged and grown at an amazing rate. Everywhere you look you can find examples of data streaming: social media, games, smart cities, smart meters, your new washing machine, and the list goes on. Consider the following: Today if a byte of data were a gallon of water, an average home would be filled within 10 seconds; by the year 2020, it will only take 2 seconds.

Part-1: A New Holistic Approach

1. Introducing streaming data

2. Getting data from clients: data ingestion

3. Transporting the data from collection tier: decoupling the data pipeline

4. Analyzing streaming data

5. Algorithms for data analysis

6. Storing the analyzed or collected data

7. Making the data available

8. Consumer device capabilities and limitations accessing the data


Part-2: Taking It Real World

9. Analyzing Meetup RSVPs in real time





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