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Computer Science

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  1. Serverless Architectures on AWS
    Serverless Architectures on AWS

    Peter Sbarski, Patrick Debois, Donald F. Ferguson

    INR 995
  2. 9788126563050
    Machine Learning (in Python and R) For Dummies

    John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron

    INR 699
  3. 9788126562183
    R Programming For Dummies, 2ed

    Andrie de Vries, Joris Meys

    INR 699
  4. 9788126560448
    SAS For Dummies, 2ed

    Stephen McDaniel, Chris Hemedinger

    INR 699
  5. 9788126559633
    Strategic Management of Information Systems

    Keri E. Pearlson, Carol S. Saunders

    INR 679
  6. 9789351199168
    Data Warehousing & Mining

    Varsha Bhosale, Deepali Vora

Items 31-40 of 106

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