Core and Advanced Java, Black Book, Recommended by CDAC, Revised and Upgraded

Dreamtech Press

ISBN: 9789386052216

1196 pages

INR 1299


Core and Advanced Java covers all core and advanced concepts of Java in a methodical way. It helps you learn the concepts—from OOPS to abstract classes and interfaces; from software packaging to providing API documents; from error handling to converting fundamental data into object form; from collection framework to streams and creating client and server program to threads; from creating GUI applications to generics and communication with database

·Introduction to Java
·Variables, Arrays, and Strings
·Operators, Conditionals, and Loops
·Class, Object, Packages and Access Specifiers
·Implementing Object-Oriented Programming in Java
·Working with Streams, Files, and I/O Handling
·Implementing Exception Handling
·Working with Multiple Threads
·Working with Collections Framework
·Creating Packages, Interfaces, JAR Files, and Annotations
·Working with Java Beans
·Networking and Security with Java
·Working with JDBC 4.0
·Working with Servlets 3.1
·Handling Sessions in Servlets 3.1
·Implementing Event Handling and Wrappers in Servlets 3.1
·Java Server Pages 2.3 and Expression Language 3.0
·Implementing JSP Tag Extensions
·Implementing JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library 1.2
·Implementing Filters
·Working with JavaServer Faces 2.2
·Understanding JavaMail 1.5
·Java EE Design Patterns
·Implementing SOA using Java Web Services
·Working with Hibernate
·Working with Struts 2
·Introduction to Spring 3.0
·Spring Configuration
·Spring Web MVC


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