Cost Accounting

Renu Bhatia

ISBN: 9789351191902

748 pages

INR 495


This book is a comprehensive presentation of concepts of Cost Accounting which aims atproviding a framework of theories and practices of Cost Accounting to the readers. This book has been divided into 15 chapters. Each segment is a blend of theoretical descriptions, illustrations and exercise to solve. Various costing techniques like Variance Analysis, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Zero Based Budgeting, Decision making with Marginal Costing and many more have been discussed in a concise and easy to understand way.


· Cost Accounting

· Classification of Cost

· Material

· Techniques of Material Control

· Labour Cost

· Overheads: Indirect Material + Indirect Labour + Indirect Expenses

· Single Output / Unit Costing

· Job Batch &Contract Costing

· Process Costing

· Operating or Service Costing

· Reconciliation of Cost &Financial Accounting

· Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

· Budgetary Control

· Marginal Costing

· Decision Making with Marginal Costing

· Index


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