AI and Analytics: Accelerating Business Decisions

Sameer Dhanrajani

ISBN: 9788126573035

Exclusively distributed by Pan Macmillan 


The first book of its kind in its genre, this is a must have primer for CxOs for curating, developing and executing AI and Analytics strategies in their enterprises for end-to-end transformative impact. This is also a valuable guide for executives and aspiring professionals on how AI and Analytics can transform businesses, with deep focus on key industries and exponential technologies. The book includes:

  • Exhaustive repertoire of AI and Analytics strategy roadmaps, frameworks and methodologies for CXO's, coupled with broad exhibit plan of making the enterprises AI ready
  • Exhaustive repertoire of AI and Analytics strategy roadmaps, frameworks and methodologies coupled with broad demonstration of execution-led plans for making the enterprises AI ready
  • Comprehensive overview of the algorithm economy and its deep transformative potential of morphing enterprises into math houses - the soon to be new normal in VUCA world
  • Incisive study of C-suite stakeholders – CMO, CPO, CFO, CIO's radical role and functional changes on strategic and operational sides underpinned by AI and Analytics infusion
  • Showcasing the immense AI and Analytics adoption and consumption scenarios in high impact and rapidly changing Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail and CPG industries
  • Thought provoking facets of pervasive AI and Analytics interventions in exponential technologies: Chatbots, RPA, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

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Part I


Section 1 AI and Analytics Strategy for Business Transformation

Chapter 1.1 Industrialization of Analytics  

1.2 Journey to Analytics Transformation is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

1.3 A Strategic Road Map for Initiating Analytics Adoption

1.4 Re-Engineering Businesses to Think Analytics

1.5 Assessing Your Analytics Maturity Curve

1.6 Building a Robust Data Monetization Strategy

1.7 Keeping Vigil of Data Collection and Monetization Constraints

1.8 Accelerated Decision-Making with Real-Time Analytics

1.9 Analytics as a Service (AaaS) Model

1.10 Analytics-Focused Leadership for CxOs

1.11 Analytics-Led Enterprise Transformation

1.12 Analytics Impact on Shifting Budgets for Business Generation

1.13 Improving Visibility of Startups with Analytics

1.14 Models for Enterprise AI Strategy

1.15 How AI is Challenging Management Theories and Strategic Planning

1.16 The Strategic Agenda in a CEO’s Mind—Is the Enterprise AI Ready?

1.17 How CxOs Can Leverage AI for Strategy and Operational Models

1.18 How Startups Can Leverage AI

1.19 Deep Transformation and Strategy with Algorithms

1.20 Mr. Algorithm: The New Member in the Board Room

1.21 Thick Data: Deep Behavior Augmented Analytics Outcomes

1.22 Behavioral Sciences + Analytics for Competitive Advantage

1.23 Design Thinking as Strategic Element for an AI Enterprise


Section 2 The CxO Strategies for AI and Analytics

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Gearing up for AI-Powered Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy

Chapter 2.1 AI-Led Marketing Transformations

2.2 Analytics-Driven Campaign Management


The Chief People Officer (CPO): AI and Analytics Transforming Talent and Workforce Spectrum

2.3 AI: Future of H in HR

2.4 Talent Sciences—A New Era in HR

2.5 Algorithms Transforming Talent Acquisition (TA)


The Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Finance and Accounting Transformation Accomplished by AI

2.6 The Chief Financial Officer of Tomorrow


The Chief Information Officer (CIO): Emerging Digital Models and it Strategies Leveraged by AI and Analytics

2.7 The Changing Role of Chief Information Officers: Industrie 4.0



Part II

Section 3 Banking Industry Transformed by AI and Analytics

Chapter 3.1 Redefining Banking Industry—The Adoption of Analytics

3.2 AI Powered Financial Services

3.3 Reorienting Customer Retention and Risk Management Strategy for Banks with AI

3.4 The Advantage of AI in Fintech Companies



Section 4 AI and Analytics in Insurance

Chapter 4.1 AI-Driven Transformations in Insurance

4.2 Digital Disruptors of the Insurance Model


Section 5 Redefining Healthcare and Life Sciences

Chapter 5.1 AI Adoption in Healthcare

5.2 Real-World Evidence (RWE) Based Analytics Improving Treatment Outcomes

5.3 Personalised Medicine: Leveraging Patient and Drug Similarity Analytics

5.4 AI: A Boon to the Life Science Industry

5.5 Analytics and Genomics


Section 6 AI and Analytics in Retail

Chapter 6.1 The AI-Powered Shopping Experience

6.2 The Emergence of Smart Consumers

6.3 Recommendation Engines for Personalizing Experiences

6.4 The Evolution of Smart Retailers

6.5 The Omnichannel Experience

6.6 Fluid Supply Chain Transformation: AI + Automation


Section 7 Exponential Technologies Underpinned by Analytics and AI

Chapter 7.1 Beating Cyberattacks with Analytics

7.2 Connected Car Technology Reshaping Automotive Industry

7.3 IoT Analytics: Extracting Value and Transforming Business

7.4 Cryptocurrency Analytics: Deep Insights into the new Asset Class

7.5 Chatbots: The Protege of AI and Analytics

7.6 Redefining the Talent Landscape in Age of Exponential Technologies


Special Section AI and Analytics: A Promising Career in the VUCA World




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