Clearing The Digital Blur: How Organizations Can Transform Themselves At the Speed of Digital

Rajiv Jayaraman

ISBN: 9788126578160

INR 695


What do Google, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba have in common? Collectively referred to as “GAFA”, these companies represent a new breed of competitors who are disrupting one industry after another using a playbook that most incumbent companies fail to understand. This book will help you understand how these digital born organizations look at the world around them, and more importantly, help you transform your own organization to compete and ultimately, thrive in the digital age. With management playbooks from the industrial age offering very little meaningful guidance, we need a fresh perspective to respond to the digital challenge. Clearing the Digital BLUR fills the gap by providing a guidebook for leaders and managers to leapfrog into the digital world, supported by a modern approach to strategy, execution, leadership and culture.

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