Data Visualization: Storytelling Using Data

Sharada Sringeswara, Purvi Tiwari, U. Dinesh Kumar

ISBN: 9789354643132

INR 849


Data Visualization: Storytelling Using Data explains data insights through visuals and show how to make them compelling and comprehensible through a series of realworld examples. It provides a roadmap that covers everything from understanding “why data visualization and storytelling are important” to learning “how to visualize data and communicate it to an audience effectively”. This book attempts to provide students and industry professionals with a practical method for mastering data storytelling skills.



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Chapter 1 Introduction to Visualization

1.1 What Is Data Visualization? 

1.2 Why Do We Have to Visualize Data? 

1.3 How Do We Visualize? 

1.4 Seven Stages of Visualizing Data  

1.5 Usage of Visualization 

1.6 Types of Charts 

1.7 Common Chart Selection Questions  


Chapter 2 Visualization Best Practices

2.1 Importance of Data Visualization 

2.2 Data Types

2.3 Effectiveness of Visual Encodings 

2.4 Color 

2.5 Edward Tufte’s Design Principles 

2.6 Can Chart Junk be Useful? 


Chapter 3 Visualization of Structured Data

3.1 Introduction 

3.2 Exploratory Analysis 

3.3 Modelling 

3.4 Visualization during Deployment 

3.5 Business Operation Dashboard 


Chapter 4 Visualization of Unstructured Data

4.1 Introduction 

4.2 Importance of Text Data Visualization 

4.3 Challenges of Text Data Visualization 

4.4 Various Forms of Text Data

4.5 Text Data Pre-processing Pipeline

4.6 Visualizing Text Data 

4.7 Visualizing Conversations 


Chapter 5 Visual Storytelling

5.1 Introduction  

5.2 Why Storytelling Matters 

5.3 Science behind Storytelling 

5.4 Presentation Types

5.5 Death by Presentation 


Chapter 6 Storytelling Framework

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Importance of Business Storytelling 

6.3 Storytelling Frameworks 

6.4 Data Storytelling 

6.5 Narrative Types 

6.6 Dimensions of Narrative Storytelling 

6.7 Data Story Types 

6.8 Analytics Dashboard 


Chapter 7 Misleading with Charts

7.1 Introduction  

7.2 Pre-attentive Processing of Visual Attributes 

7.3 Types of Misleading Charts 

7.4 More Examples of Misleading Visualization 



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