From Data to Stories: An end to end guide to Storytelling with Data Comics for the absolute beginner

Richie Lionell V, Ramya Mylavarapu

ISBN: 9789354249891

112 pages

INR 499


Is no one reading your reports? Are your analytical findings not getting the attention they deserve? Do your reports lack a human touch?  It’s time you tried the ‘data comic stories’ approach. ‘From Data to Stories’ shows how comics and data visualisation combine well to help narrate insights as engaging stories. The data comic examples, and the tutorial in this book will inspire you to create enjoyable data comic reports that everyone would want to read.  No more boring reports. Say ‘hello’ to storytelling with data comics.


Part 1 Bigger than the Game (A Graphic Novel)

  • London Calling
  • Kangaroo Hunting
  • No show at Nottingham
  • Eight – Nil
  • A Kabuli Scare
  • Old Trafford
  • Things fall Apart
  • Agony & Ecstasy
  • Bigger than the Game
  • Hope
  • What. A. Game


Part 2 How to create a data comic story? (A Tutorial)

  • Fetch the Data
  • Ask Questions
  • Clean the data
  • Extract New Information from Existing Data
  • Analyse the Data to find Insights
  • Identify Insights
  • Communicate Insights as a Comic Story
  • Useful Reading Material



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