Internet of Things, An Indian Adaptation: Concepts and Applications

Wiley Editorial

ISBN: 9789354247842

264 pages

INR 519


Internet of Things: Concepts and Applications aims to explore the main aspects of the IoT ecosystem, without attempting to be an exhaustive treatment on the subject. The contents of the book flow from preliminary overview on the IoT concepts and applications to more technical details that include IoT architecture, reference layers and protocols as well as enabling platforms. The aspects of security and privacy, suitability of 5G and various computing tools are also covered. Extensive application domains are illustrated with used case. The intended audience of the book is academic – undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students, and industry professionals.



1. Introduction to Internet of Things

1.1 Importance of Connecting Things and Challenges

1.2 Opportunities

1.3 Connecting devices

1.4 IoT Forum

1.5 Summary


2. Internet of Things Architecture

2.1 Basic Layer Architecture

2.2 IoT Network Layer Entities

2.3 Sensors and Actuators

2.4 Techniques for Data Acquisition and Control

2.5 Edge Layer

2.6 Cloud Data Management Architecture

2.7 Data Storage Layer

2.8 Summary


3. IoT Reference Layers and Protocol Stacks

3.1 The ISO/OSI Model

3.2 IoT Perspective

3.3 TCP/IP Model and IoT Reference Model

3.4 Physical Layer Protocols

3.5 Summary


4. IoT Enabling Platforms

4.1 Edge Device Platforms

4.2 IoT Gateway Devices

4.3 IoT Cloud Platforms

4.5 Processors

4.6 Softwares: OpenWSN, TinyOS, FreeRTOS, Contiki

4.7 Summary


5. Security and Privacy in IoT

5.1 Security Issues and Threat Models

5.2 Security Mechanisms Overview

5.3 Privacy Issues in the IoT

5.4 End to End Communication Security

5.5 Layer Wise Security Issues Analysis of IoT

5.6 Machine Learning and its Importance in IoT Security

5.7 Challenges, Open issues and Future Scope

5.8 Summary


6. Computing Tools

6.1 Big Data Analytics

6.2 Artificial Intelligence as an Enabler

6.3 Machine Learning

6.4 Summary


7. 5G an IoT Enabler

7.1 Roadmap to 5G

7.2 5G Layered Architecture

7.3 5G the Enabler

7.4 Basic Device Architecture of IoT Devices

7.5 5G in Various Used Cases

7.6 Summary


8. Applications and Case Study

8.1 Overview

8.2 Healthcare

8.3 Transportation/Logistics

8.4 Smart Cities

8.5 Industry Control

8.6 Agriculture

8.7 Summary






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