Unbarred Innovation Redefined: A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries

Mayur Ramgir

ISBN: 9788126548491

200 pages

INR 499


This book aims to diffuse the phenomenon that innovation is limited to certain people. It is a unique blend of providing you with the inspiration and motivation you need to de-clutter yourself from society and engage in the innovation process. It will enlighten the readers about the benefits of innovation where students and corporate executives can look at a problem from a different perspective as basic as classroom trouble or problems faced in offices or corporate board rooms respectively.


Unbarred Innovation Framework

Step 1: Discovery

Let us discuss these factors


External Stimuli

World of Fantasies

Innovation Lifestyle

Step 2: Ideation

Formulate the Problem

Innovation Tools

Step 3 Barriers



Step 4 Preparation


Execution Plan

Step 5 Prototype





Chapter 1: Introduction to Unbarred Innovation

  • Opening Case: How Post-it-Notes Were Invented
  • What Is Unbarred Innovation?
  • How to Achieve Unbarred Innovation
  • Awake that Inner Detective in You
  • Let the Subconscious Mind Do Some Work
  • Engage in Interactions
  • Dream a Little Dream
  • Forming a Trans-Disciplinary Team
  • Benefits of Forming a Trans-Disciplinary Team
  • Facilitates in Idea Generation
  • Thinking Out-of-the-Box Paradigm
  • Change Your Routine
  • Brainstorm
  • Re-construct the Problem
  • Be Spontaneous
  • Surround Yourself with Creative People
  • Eliminate Negativity
  • Use Lateral Thinking
  • Disruptive Technology
  • Make Transactions an Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Limitless Thinking


Chapter 2: Self-Realization: A Journey to Self-exploration

  • Opening Case: From Being Dyslectic to an Innovator
  • Dont Underestimate Yourself
  • Self-Motivation
  • Purpose
  • Risk Takers
  • Explore Opportunities
  • Self-Awareness
  • Test Yourself through Self-Volunteered Processes
  • Know Yourself
  • Understand What You Value
  • Spontaneous Actions


Chapter 3: Innovation as a Lifestyle

  • Opening Case: How Travelling Helped a Couple to Start
  • Their Own Brand of Chocolate
  • Innovative Lifestyle
  • How Travelling Leads to Innovation
  • Opportunity to Learn about Yourself
  • Get over the Monotonous Lifestyle
  • Gain New Perspectives
  • A Sense of Achievement
  • Attending Talks
  • Learn Something New
  • Get Inspired
  • Get Feedback
  • How Reading Books Inculcates the Process of Innovation
  • Reduces Stress
  • Opens Your Mind to Imagination
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Gain Perspective
  • Innovation-Boosting Activities
  • Listen to Music
  • Meditate
  • Create Physical Space for Creativity
  • Watch Some Stand-up Comedy Acts
  • Create Something
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Set Far Reaching Goals
  • Narrow Your Interests
  • Always Seek Feedback
  • Be Honest with Yourself


Chapter 4: Understanding the Barriers for Innovation

  • Opening Case: Purchase Mate
  • Perceptual Barriers
  • Money $ : A Toothless Monster
  • Age
  • Psychological Barriers
  • Disregarding the Ability to Innovate
  • Fear of Failure
  • Mistrust
  • Know It All Attitude
  • Relying on Accepted Ideas
  • Socio-political Situation of the Country
  • Example
  • Knowledge Barriers
  • Over-reliance on Rules
  • Personal Biases
  • Personality Barriers to Creativity
  • Ego
  • Over-reliance on Logic
  • Insensitive
  • Unable to Multi-Task
  • Unable to Perform under Pressure


Chapter 5: Acquiring a Degree vs. Acquiring Education

  • Opening Case: The Larry Ellison Story
  • Innovative Thinking Patterns
  • Advice for Parents
  • Advice for Schools
  • Emotional Connection
  • Learning Environment


Chapter 6: Overcoming Barriers to Innovation

  • Opening Case: How Li Ka-Shing Overcame Adversity
  • How to Break Barriers
  • Removing Age Barriers
  • Overcoming the Knowledge Gap
  • Think Big Envision and Live the Ideas
  • Mind Maps
  • Retaining All Ideas
  • Helps to Realize the Full Potential of Your Brain
  • Customizable According to Your Style
  • Overcoming Obstacles Related to Lack of Resources
  • Power of Specialized Social Networks


Chapter 7: Unbarred Innovation in Your Company

  • Opening Case: Innovation at Nike
  • Fostering Innovation at an Individual Level
  • Implementing Unbarred Innovation
  • Internal Analysis
  • External Analysis
  • Strategies to Increase Innovation at Workplace
  • Flexible Working Environment
  • Hire for Cultural Match
  • Promote Brainstorming
  • Provide Autonomy
  • Provide Training
  • Encourage the Use of Innovative Tools
  • Open Door Policy
  • Create Challenges
  • Give Time for Innovative Activities
  • Certain Office Structures
  • Appreciate Creativity


Chapter 8: Benefits of Unbarred Innovation for Companies

  • Opening Case: 15 Lessons from Pixars Brad Bird
  • Unbarred Innovation in Organizations
  • Internal Collaborative Working Environment
  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Attract and Retain Quality Employees
  • Idea Sharing
  • Resource Sharing
  • Cost Sharing
  • Customizable Products for Customers
  • Brand Recognition


Chapter 9: Barriers to Innovation for Companies

  • Opening Case: Myths About Innovation
  • Barriers to Innovation
  • Sense of Incompetence
  • Poor Communication Strategy
  • Poor Timing
  • Fear of the Unknown
  • Mistrust
  • Peer Pressure
  • Tackling Resistance to Change Shown by Employees
  • Communicate Unbarred Innovation Strategy
  • Time It
  • Showcase Benefits
  • Top Management Needs to Lead from the Front


Chapter 10: Types of Innovation

  • Opening Case: LEGO Developing New Product Line-up
  • from Ideas by Its Huge Community
  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Types of Innovation
  • Types of Innovation
  • Incremental Innovation
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Radical Innovation
  • Architectural Innovation
  • Innovation Stages
  • Stage 1: Problem Discovery and Idea Generation
  • Stage 2: Conceptualization and Evaluation
  • Stage 3: Exploration and Experimentation
  • Stage 4: Marketing and Commercialisation
  • Stage 5: Implementation on Ground Level


Chapter 11: How Do Innovators Do It

  • Opening Case: The World of Innovators
  • Traits of Famous Innovators
  • Discoveries Despite Strongly-held Norms
  • Capitalizing on Opportunities to Innovate