Wiley Innovation Black Book Enterprise 4.0, 2020

Wiley Innovation Advisory Council

ISBN: 9788126566624

442 pages

INR 999


Truly the Voice of the Industry, the Wiley Innovation Black Book is an annual presentation by Wiley, bringing together the collective wisdom of industry thought leaders in form of possibilities and future scenarios of how the technology and businesses of the future are expected to transform. The theme of Wiley Innovation Black Book 2020 is Enterprise 4.0—the Enterprise of the Future. The truly digital enterprise in Industry 4.0 centers around digital business models and customer experiences, augmented by digital interfaces and data-based innovative processes, products, services and capabilities. \

  • Prologue
  • Making Conscious Choices -Digital Strategy and Transformation
  • Business Who, What and How’s in Age of Digital- Business Models for Enterprise 4.0
  • Creating Power Customers, Not Power Brands -Marketing and Brand Management in Enterprise 4.0
  • The Investment Mindset-Re-imagining Leadership in the Digital Economy  
  • Learning 2.0 to Fuel Industry 4.0- From an industrial mode to an agricultural mode
  • Remaining Relevant - Defining a Career Strategy in the Digital World
  • Innovation that Reinvents Enterprises-The Significance of Research in Enterprises of the Future
  • Evading the Vanity Build -Building Meaningful Products in the Enterprise World
  • Innovative by Design- Creating winning customer experience for Digital Enterprises
  • From Snake Oil seller to a Trusted Advisor-Sales and Business Development in Enterprise 4.0
  • Digitally Delivered-Intelligent Supply Chain Management
  • Empowering a New Age Workforce-Talent Management 4.0
  • Create the Change You Anticipate-Evolving to HR 4.0
  • Being Risk Intelligent-The Chief Risk Officer’s Perspective
  • Reimagining GRC - Risk, Governance and Compliance in Enterprise 4.0
  • Financing' The Digital Enterprise-Transforming the Finance Function in Enterprise 4.0
  • Trojan Horses for Managing Disruptions-Working with Accelerators and Incubators
  • Connected, Borderless Businesses - Digital Ecosystems for Enterprise 4.0
  • Universities as Not-for- Profit Enterprises- A Winning Model for Universities of the Future
  • Microcosm of the Enterprise- GCCs of the future
  • Unleashing the Transformative Power of Innovation- A Perspective on GCCs
  • Transforming ‘Transformation’ - The Rise and Rise of Global Capability Centers (GCCs)



Wiley Innovation Black Book Enterprise 4.0, 2020 won 2nd prize in "General Books Category" at FIP Awards for excellence in Book Production 2020.