Wiley Acing the Interviews

Wiley Editorial Team

ISBN: 9789390395514

236 pages

INR 429


Wiley Acing the Interviews is an all-in-one guide that aims to help jobseekers before, during, and after their interviews. Based on the current market scenario and keeping in mind the practical requirements of jobseekers, the contents of this book have been specifically developed. This book is designed to help the readers be well-prepared for their interviews. The rich pedagogy in this book would help jobseekers to get prepared well in advance and crack their upcoming interviews.


Section 1: Before The Interview

Chapter 1: The Career Search

Chapter 2: Letter Writing and Drafting Resumes

Chapter 3: The e-English

Chapter 4: Listening Skills and Verbal Communication

Chapter 5: Soft Skills


Section 2: During The Interview

Chapter 6: Handling Interviews

Chapter 7: Group Discussions


Section 3: After The Interview

Chapter 8: Follow-Up Communications

Chapter 9: Negotiations

Chapter 10: Understanding Business Communication

Chapter 11: Technical Writing Skills

Chapter 12: Designing and Delivering Online Presentations

Chapter 13: First 30 Days at the Job



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