Wiley's Mathematics for JEE (Main & Advanced): Algebra, Vol 1

Dr. G S N Murti, Dr. U M Swamy

ISBN: 9788126569045

520 pages

INR 699


Algebra is frequently called the gatekeeper subject. It lays the foundation for higher mathematics and is of utmost importance to engineering students. This book has been written by a pioneer teacher associated with IIT-JEE coaching, Dr. G.S.N. Murti, along with Dr. U.M. Swamy who had an illustrious career as a renowned mathematician. The book has a two-fold advantage: (a) Conceptual strength provided by accurate, precise but sufficient coverage of topics; (b) solved and unsolved problems as per IIT-JEE pattern for strengthening concepts. The main idea is to make students understand the theory behind to enable them to strategize a given problem and tactically solve it.


Chapter 1: Sets, Relations and Functions

1.1 Sets: Definition and Examples  

1.2 Set Operations  

1.3 Venn Diagrams

1.4 Relations

1.5 Equivalence Relations and Partitions

1.6 Functions

1.7 Graph of a Function

1.8 Even Functions and Odd Functions  

Chapter 2: Exponentials and Logarithms

2.1 Exponential Function

2.2 Logarithmic Function

2.3 Exponential Equations

2.4 Logarithmic Equations

2.5 Systems of Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

2.6 Exponential and Logarithmic Inequalities


Chapter 3: Complex Numbers

3.1 Ordered Pairs of Real Numbers

3.2 Algebraic Form a + ib

3.3 Geometric Interpretation

3.4 The Trigonometric Form

3.5 De Moivre’s Theorem  

3.6 Algebraic Equations  

Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations

4.1 Quadratic Expressions and Equations

Chapter 5: Progressions, Sequences and Series

5.1 Sequences and Series  

5.2 Arithmetic Progressions  

5.3 Geometric Progressions

5.4 Harmonic Progressions and Series  

5.5 Some Useful Formulae  

Chapter 6: Permutations and Combinations

6.1 Factorial Notation

6.2 Permutations

6.3 Combinations

Chapter 7: Binomial Theorem

7.1 Binomial Theorem for Positive Integral Index  

7.2 Binomial Theorem for Rational Index


Chapter 8: Matrices, Determinants and System of Equations

8.1 Matrices

8.2 Determinants

8.3 Solutions of Linear Equations

Chapter 9: Partial Fractions

9.1 Rational Fractions

9.2 Partial Fractions


Appendix A: Additional Practice Problems


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