Essentials of Managing Marketing

Noel Capon, Siddharth Shekhar Singh

ISBN: 9788126567867

248 pages

INR 409


Essentials of Managing Marketing is about understanding how to develop market strategy, implement market offers, manage the marketing process. Essentials of Managing Marketing focuses on the manager, not just the marketer. For readers committed to a career in marketing, this book forms a solid foundation as you study marketing further/deeper. Essentials of Managing Marketing provides what every general manager and senior executive must know about marketing. This book emphasizes the role of marketing in creating value for customers — leading to the creation of value for other firm stakeholders, including employees and shareholders.



Section 1: Marketing and the Firm


Chapter 1 Introduction to Managing Marketing

Chapter 2 The Value of Customers


Section 2: Fundamental Insights for Strategic Marketing


Chapter 3 Market Insight

Chapter 4 Customer Insight

Chapter 5 Insight about Competitors, Company, Complementers

Transition to Strategic Marketing


Section 3: Strategic Marketing


Imperative 1 — Determine, Recommend

Which Markets to Address


Chapter 6 Identifying, Choosing Opportunities


Imperative 2 — Identify, Target Market Segments


Chapter 7 Market Segmentation, Targeting


Imperative 3 — Set Strategic Direction, Positioning


Chapter 8 Market Strategy – Integrating Firm Efforts for Marketing Success

Chapter 9 Managing through the Life Cycle

Chapter 10 Managing Brands


Section 4: Implementing the Market Strategy


Imperative 4 — Design the Market Offer


Part A: Providing Customer Value


Chapter 11 Managing the Product Line

Chapter 12 Managing Services, Customer Service

Chapter 13 Developing New Products


Part B: Communicating Customer Value


Chapter 14 Integrated Marketing Communications

Chapter 15 Mass Communications, Digital Marketing

Chapter 16 Directing, Managing Field Sales Efforts



Part C: Delivering Customer Value

Chapter 17 Distribution, Retailing, Wholesaling


Part D: Getting Paid for Customer Value


Chapter 18 Critical Underpinnings of Pricing Decisions


Imperative 5 — Secure Support from Other Functions


Chapter 19 Ensuring the Firm Implements the Market Offer as Planned


Imperative 6 — Monitor, Control Execution/Performance

Chapter 20 Monitoring, Controlling Firm Performance, Functioning


Section 5: Special Marketing Topics


Chapter 21 Rural Marketing in India


Glossary GL1

Index IN1



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