Evolve like a Butterfly, 2ed: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership

Mayur Ramgir

ISBN: 9788126547852

192 pages

INR 499


Leaders are made, not born – you don't carry your leadership ability from your mother's womb. However, some people indeed do naturally have traits that make them suitable for leadership, but there is no reason others cannot be trained to achieve the same results. Leadership is not about having a bold voice or high confidence. It is certainly not about making people work for you or forcing them to respect you. Then what is leadership? Leadership is about taking an ethical path to work for a cause, which is good for the betterment of the society.


Author’s Note

About the Author



Leadership Development Framework


PART A : The Egg – A Leader is Born

Chapter 1: The Spark That Drives Change

Chapter 2: Incubation Environment for Growth

Chapter 3: Hatching Into the Real World


PART B : The Larva – Feeding Stage

Chapter 4: Challenges First Battlefield for the Newborn Leader

Chapter 5: Skills Sharpening the Axe

Chapter 6: Change – Getting Ready for the Evolution


PART C : The Cloak of the Pupa – Transition Stage

Chapter 7: Feedback Embrace the Feedback

Chapter 8: Innovation An Inevitable Truth

Chapter 9: Risks Getting Out of the Comfort Zone


PART D : The Adult – Reproductive Stage

Chapter 10: Global Leader World Beyond the World

Chapter 11: Incubator Environment for Growth

Chapter 12: Nirvana Fly Gracefully




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