Account-Based Marketing For Dummies

Sangram Vajre

ISBN: 9788126563296

384 pages

INR 499


Account Based Marketing for Dummies will help marketers and sales teams build a coordinated effort to reach specific accounts. Readers will understand how to align the marketing and sales teams to make ABM most effective. They will learn how to analyze current data to identify the accounts with the biggest ROI opportunities, and then the techniques to most effectively reach each account, rather than the individual listed in their CRM for that account. Using online advertising and other messaging in the places the accounts are already engaging online, account based marketers can engage with current and potential customers on their terms.




Part 1: Getting Started with Account-Based Marketing

Chapter 1: Introducing the Basics of Account-Based Marketing

Chapter 2: Making the Case for Account-Based Marketing

Chapter 3: Aligning Sales and Marketing

Chapter 4: Selecting Tools


Part 2: Identifying Accounts for Marketing

Chapter 5: Targeting Your Best-Fit Accounts  

Chapter 6: Fueling the Account-Based Marketing Engine

Chapter 7: Qualifying Your Target Accounts


Part 3: Expanding Contacts Into Accounts

Chapter 8: Reaching the Right People in Target Accounts

Chapter 9: Using Marketing Automation for Your Account Strategy

Chapter 10: Distilling the Key Roles of "Smarketing"


Part 4: Engaging Accounts on Their Terms

Chapter 11: Generating Velocity for Sales  

Chapter 12: Personalizing the Buyer's Channel

Chapter 13: Developing Content for Campaigns  

Chapter 14: Executing ABM: A Playbook


Part 5: Turning Customers Into Advocates

Chapter 15: Elevating the Buyer to Customer Journey

Chapter 16: Valuing Customer Advocacy

Chapter 17: Aligning Marketing, Sales and Customer Success


Part 6: Putting It All Together

Chapter 18: Measuring the Success of Campaigns

Chapter 19: Tracking Metrics for Every Account  


Part 7: The Part of Tens

Chapter 20: Ten Reasons B2B Companies Need Account-Based Marketing

Chapter 21: Ten Obstacles Facing Account-Based Marketing

Chapter 22: Ten Account-Based Marketing Blogs to Read  

Chapter 23: Ten ABM Thought Leaders to Follow



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