Financial Risk Management For Dummies

Aaron Brown

ISBN: 9788126561384

392 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 


Written by bestselling author and past winner of the GARP Award's Risk Manager of the Year, Aaron Brown, Financial Risk Management For Dummies offers thorough and accessible guidance on successfully managing and controlling financial risk within your company. Through easy-to-follow instruction, you'll find out how to manage risk, firstly by understanding it and then by taking control of it. Plus, you'll discover how to measure and value financial risk, set limits, stop losses, control drawdowns and hedge bets.



Part I: Getting Started with Risk Management

Chapter 1: Living with Risk.

Chapter 2: Understanding Risk Models

Chapter 3: Taking Charge of Risk

Chapter 4: Managing Financial Risk

Chapter 5: Functions of a Financial Risk Manager


Part II: Measuring Financial Risk

Chapter 6: Valuing Risk.

Chapter 7: Stress Testing for Success

Chapter 8: Speaking Greek

Chapter 9: Accounting for Extremes


Part III: Managing Financial Risk

Chapter 10: Setting Limits.

Chapter 11: Stopping Losses

Chapter 12: Controlling Drawdowns

Chapter 13: Hedging Bets


Part IV: Working in Financial Institutions

Chapter 14: Trading Places

Chapter 15: Banking on Risk

Chapter 16: Managing Assets and Portfolios

Chapter 17: Insuring Risk


Part V: Communicating Risk

Chapter 18: Reporting Risk

Chapter 19: Regulating Finance


Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 20: Ten One-Minute Risk Management Tips

Chapter 21: Ten Days that Shook the (Financial) World

Chapter 22: Ten Great Risk Managers in History

Chapter 23: Ten Great Risk Books




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