Key Performance Indicators for Dummies

Bernard Marr

ISBN: 9788126554683

320 pages

INR 499


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help organizations understand how well they are performing in relation to their strategic goals and objectives. KPIs offer a framework to learn about the success of individuals, teams, projects and organizations - and help create a culture of high performance. In this book you'll find the essential Indicators that are useful to all kinds of businesses - plus guidance on how to develop your own unique KPIs that best suit your organization or industry. You'll also find a wealth of guidance for how best to use KPIs to drive performance in your business.




Part I: Getting Started with Key Performance Indicators

Chapter 1: Introducing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  

Chapter 2: Types, Targets and KPI Mistakes

Chapter 3: Creating a Culture of Fact-Based Decision-Making

Chapter 4: Organizing Your KPIs


Part II: Implementing and Using KPIs Effectively

Chapter 5: Developing a KPI

Chapter 6: Use it or lose it: Turning KPIs into Insights

Chapter 7: Spreading the Word: Reporting and Communicating KPIs Effectively


Part III: Developing Financial KPIs

Chapter 8: The Holy Grail of Business: Revenue and Profit KPIs

Chapter 9: The Ones You Can't Take Your Eyes off: Liquidity and Cash Flow KPIs

Chapter 10: Reporting to the Masters: Shareholder and Value-Added KPIs

Chapter 11: Measuring Your Financial Efficiency


Part IV: Developing Customer, Sales and Marketing KPIs

Chapter 12: The Customer is Always Right: Measuring Your Customer Success

Chapter 13: Measuring the Market and Your Place in It


Part V: Developing Operational and Internal Process KPIs

Chapter 14: Measuring Project Performance

Chapter 15: Measuring Internal Efficiency and Quality

Chapter 16: Measuring IT Performance


Part VI: Measuring Your Most Important Assets: Developing HR and People KPIs

Chapter 17: Measuring People Performance

Chapter 18: Measuring Human Resources Performance


Part VII: The Part of Tens

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Developing Effective KPIs

Chapter 20: The Ten Biggest KPI Mistakes to Avoid

Chapter 21: The Top Ten KPIs to Use




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