Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation for Dummies

Roger Burghall, Vince Grant, John Morgan

ISBN: 9788126552269

328 pages

INR 499


Use Lean Six Sigma to transform your business. Lean Six Sigma is a powerful method for improving both the efficiency and quality of projects and operations. In this new book, the team that bought you Lean Six Sigma for Dummies shows you how to take Lean Six Sigma to the next level and manage continual change in your organization. You'll learn to design a roadmap for transformation that's tailored to your business objectives; develop and implement processes that eliminate waste and variation across the company; synchronize your supply chain and successfully deploy Lean Six Sigma over time.




Part I: Getting Started with Lean Six Sigma  

Chapter 1: Introducing Lean Six Sigma

Chapter 2: Introducing Business Transformation

Chapter 3: Learning to DRIVE


Part II: Scoping the LSS Transformation Journey  

Chapter 4: Defining Your Transformation Objectives

Chapter 5: Assessing Readiness for Transformation

Chapter 6: Establishing the Transformation Governance System


Part III: Planning the Transformation Journey  

Chapter 7: Understanding Business Breakthroughs and Fundamentals

Chapter 8: Planning for Strategy Deployment

Chapter 9: Implementing Strategy Deployment

Chapter 10: Establishing a Continuous Improvement Organizational Structure


Part IV: Starting out on the Transformation Journey  

Chapter 11: Creating the Right Culture

Chapter 12: Achieving Everyday Operational Excellence


Part V: Sustaining the Transformation  

Chapter 13: Widening the Scope of the Transformation

Chapter 14: Managing the Capability Maturity Journey


Part VI: The Part of Tens  

Chapter 15: Ten Tips for Smoothing the Transformation Process

Chapter 16: Ten Pitfalls to Avoid

Chapter 17: Ten Places to Go for Help





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