Willpower for Dummies

Frank Ryan

ISBN: 9788126552191

224 pages

INR 149


Willpower for Dummies shows you how to train, strengthen and improve your willpower in seven easy steps! Written by a clinical psychologist and cognitive therapist, the book proves that willpower can be learned like any other skill and provides tons of practical exercises and strategies you can start using today. You'll learn how willpower works inside the brain and how choosing goals and identifying challenges can affect your success. The book stresses the importance of patience, rewards and being kind to yourself and walks you through the techniques that will keep you on the right track, even on your worst days.




Part I: Getting Started with Willpower

· All About Willpower

· Willpower and You


Part II: Taking Seven Steps to Improved Willpower

· Training Your Willpower: The Willpower Workshop

· Zeroing in on a Single Goal

· Recognizing that Change is a Journey that Takes Time

· Know Your Triggers! Forewarned is Forearmed

· Be Kind to Yourself When You Fail

· Rewarding Yourself along the Way

· Maintaining Your Progress


Part III: Following Up for Success

· Developing and Maintaining Realistic Optimism

· Creating a Lifestyle That Promotes Willpower


Part IV: The Part of Tens

· (More Than) Ten Things to Know about Willpower

· Ten Ways to Support Your Willpower

· Ten (Plus) Willpower-related Websites and Apps




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