Foundations in the Successful Management of Products: A Must Have Guide for Todays Product Managers and Product Teams

David Fradin

ISBN: 9788126564996

820 pages

INR 999


Do you have product market and product marketing strategies focused on product, customer and partner success? To succeed, a product and an organization must have Strategy, Process, Information, Customers, Employees and Systems in place. Additionally, it should have customer-centric vision and values. It is not easy to pull all this together, but these are essential for success! The purpose of Foundations in the Successful Management of Products is to help understand how to plan for and implement each of these, thus enhancing the probability of success greatly. This focused guide provides actionable strategies which can lead to customer-oriented products, enabling Product Managers, Product Teams and the entire organization to significantly increase the chances of success.

Program Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Successful Management of Products

Topic 1.1: What Must Products Have to Succeed?
Topic 1.2: History of the Management of Products?
Topic 1.3: What Distinguishes Products and what is Services?
Topic 1.4: Business Model and Canvas Highlight 1: Successful Management of Products in Startups
Topic 1.5: Product Management Lifecycle and Framework
Topic 1.6: Product Management Competencies Competencies
Topic 1.7: What Makes a Customer Centric Organization?
Topic 1.8: Role of Values and Vision
Topic 1.9: Understanding the Customer Journey
Topic 1.10: The Changing Business Environment Creating Insanely Great Customers
Topic 1.11: Systems and Tools for Product Management
Highlight 2: Careers in the Successful Management of Products

Module 2: Product Market Strategy

Topic 2.1: Building a Product Market Strategy
Topic 2.2: The Value of Do Topic 2.3: How To Define A Do
Topic 2.4: Information Gathering:Market Research
Topic 2.5: Going to Development:Process and Innovation
Topic 2.6: Discover New Markets and Market Growth
Topic 2.7: Value Proposition
Highlight 1: Writing Product Description
Topic 2.8: Personas
Topic 2.9: Market Adoption Cycles
Topic 2.10: Markets and Market Segments
Topic 2.11: Total Available (Addressable) Market (TAM)
Topic 2.12: Target Markets
Topic 2.13: Competitive Environment
Topic 2.14: Product Positioning
Topic 2.15: Product Roadmaps
Topic 2.16: Product Portfolios
Topic 2.17: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
Topic 2.18: Penetrating Existing and New Markets
Topic 2.19: Channels, Partners and Affiliates
Topic 2.20: Training for Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Channels, Partners,Affiliates, Operations, Support and Service
Topic 2.21: Cost and Pricing Strategy and Business Model
Topic 2.22: Sales Forecasting
Topic 2.23: Budgeting, Expense Control and Return-On-Investment
Topic 2.24: Intellectual Property

Highlight 2: The Product Market Strategy Plan

Module 3: Marketing

Topic 3.1: Marketing and Marketing Plan
Topic 3.2: Understanding Market Differences
Topic 3.3: Marketing Strategies and the 11 Ps
Topic 3.4: Marketing and Generating Leads Online
Topic 3.5: The Media Mix
Topic 3.6: Messaging and Content
Topic 3.7: Packaging, Bundling and Promotions
Topic 3.8: Marketing Communications
Topic 3.9: Managing Budgets, Schedules and Metrics

Highlight: Developing a Marketing Plan

Module 4: Business Skills
Topic 4.1: Persuasive Communication
Topic 4.2: Impactful Presentations
Topic 4.3: Expanding Networks
Topic 4.4: Negotiation and Mediation
Topic 4.5: Program Management
Topic 4.6: Basic Data Analysis

Module 5: User Experience and User Interface
Topic 5.1: User Experience in Mobile
Topic 5.2: User Interface

Module 6: Product Engineering
Topic 6.1: Prioritization Features and Kano Analysis
Topic 6.2: Product Research And Development
Topic 6.3: Agile Product Development Methodologies
Topic 6.4: Agile Roles and Scrum Methodology
Topic 6.5: Agile Development Planning
Topic 6.6: Agile Development Key Metrics
Topic 6.7: Testing in Agile Product Development
Topic 6.8: Importance & Types Of Product Testing
Topic 6.9: Managing Beta Programs

Module 7: Product Support
Topic 7.1: Product Support
Topic 7.2: Importance of Documentation

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