Future of Human Resource Management: Case Studies with Strategic Approach

Raman Preet

ISBN: 9788126578061

172 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 489


Future of Human Resource Management: Case Studies with Strategic Approach is a resourceful book that deals with real-life scenario about HRM challenges in Indian organizations. Keeping in view the practical requirements of HR professionals – both present and future – this book aims to infuse value, help in developing cognitive approach, and reorient them with valuable real-time insights. This book would reskill the readers to deal with the future HRM challenges. This book intends to serve as a compilation of strategic HR scenarios and a ready reckoner for future HR practitioners, HR educators, and students.






Part A Future of Human Resource

HR Today: A Sneak Peek

The Future of HR

Case Study 1: HR of Future

Case Study 2: Gig Economy – A Need for Future

Future of HR Analytics

What Is HR Analytics?


Part B Future of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology in HR



Training and Development

Employee Engagement and Productivity

Performance Management System

Issues of AI in Human Resources

Case Study 1: Job Description Matters

Case Study 2: The AI Buzz

Case Study 3: Are They Replacing Us?


Part C Future of Training and Development

Why E-Learning?

How E-Learning Supports Organizational Goals

Case Study 1: Why Training Fails?


Part D Future of Recruitment and Selection

Technology and Recruitment

Case Study 1: We Can Make It Possible

Case Study 2: Overcome the Recruitment Challenges

Case Study 3: All We Need Is a Chance

Case Study 4: New Era New Trend

Case Study 5: It’s All about Talent Acquisition

Case Study 6: Old Is Gold but New Is a Need

Case Study 7: Gender Equality at Workplace


Part E Future of Change Management

Change Management Models

Case Study 1: Why Everything Went Wrong?

Case Study 2: Take a Right from Wrong

Case Study 3: Change Is the only Constant

Case Study 4: Aftermath of Acquisition

Case Study 5: Retention at Innovate

Case Study 6: Retaining My Valuable Assets


Part F Future Organization

The Need for Organizational Redesign

New Organizational Structures

Case Study 1: Redesigning the Organization

Case Study 2: How to Sail on the Same Boat?

Case Study 3: When it ‘Strikes’

Case Study 4: Each Coin Has Two Sides

Case Study 5: What Does Your Ethics Say?

Case Study 6: Men = Strong!

Case Study 7: All Is Well or All in Well


Part G Gender Diversity

Female Perspective

Male Perspective

Third Gender

Fourth Gender


Part H Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying

Who Are the Bullies and Their Types

Cost of Bullying for an Organization

Effects of Bullying – Employee Effects


Part I Future of Performance Management

History of Performance Management

Reasons for Change in the Performance Appraisal System

What Does Future Hold for Performance Appraisal System?



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