Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics

Jeremy Kagan, Siddharth Shekhar Singh

ISBN: 9789390395491

324 pages

INR 529


Designed to be used as a backbone text for a foundational digital marketing class, this book is enriched with extensive case studies, examples, tools, resources, and certification exams available online to supplement and support the lessons from the text. This book approaches digital marketing in two ways: from the point of view of the strategic thinker and that of a tactical perspective. Digital professors will find this an essential reference for their work.


Chapter 1 — Digital Marketing and the 4 P’s

Digital Is Different

Marketing’s 4 P’s Revisited


Chapter 2 — Search Marketing: Search Engine Optimization

Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Chapter 3 — Search Marketing: Search Advertising (PPC)

Paid Search: Google and Everyone Else

The Economics of Search Engine Advertising

Beyond Search: Additional Google Ads

The Future of Search: Mobile and Local


Chapter 4 — Email Marketing

Email Effectiveness or Why We Still Love Email

Email Strategies and Execution

Measuring Success


Chapter 5 — Display Advertising: The Basics

The Evolution of Display Advertising

Display Measurement

How Display Works

Digital Display Options

Getting the Most Out of Display Creative


Chapter 6 — Display Advertising: Advanced Topics and Trends

Creative Trends in Display

Challenges in Display

Trends in Ad Optimization: The Digital Difference


Chapter 7 — Social Media: Communities and Targeting Advertising

The Power of Communities

Marketing in Social Media

Which Network Is the Right Network?


Chapter 8 — Social Media: Content Marketing, Influence, and Amplification

Content Marketing: Amplifying UGC

Content Marketing: Attracting and Retaining Customers

Influencer Marketing: Leveraging Trust and Engagement


Chapter 9 — Mobile and Its Impact

The Evolution of Mobile

Mobile as a Marketing Channel

Channel Differences between Mobile and Desktop

Marketing Your Mobile Application


Chapter 10 — E-Commerce and Shopping: Product Listing Ads

The Growth of E-commerce

Online Advertising and E-commerce

E-commerce and the Moment of Truth

Full Circle: Guide Stores and the Return of the Storefront
Online Retail in India


Chapter 11 — Evolving Business Models

Revenge of the Niches: Selling Fewer “Hits” and Many More Misses

The Evolution of Next Generation Business Models

Change Is the Only Constant; Business Models in Flux


Chapter 12 — Emerging Channels and Opportunities

Getting Up Close and Personal

Gaming Gets Serious

Voice, Visual Assistants, and Beyond

Wearables, Cars, and Homes

Marketing in the Face of Change


After going through your textbook which covers modern issues to connect students very well in this digitalized world. I am immensely happy to share with suitable examples well connected to the concepts and it is very apt for students and faculty to follow. In Fact after reading the entire text book I am writing this mail to give the right feedback. I have already recommended students to get their copies through online.

Real Digital world with challenges and channels well covered. E- marketing, retail online marketing with latest data makes students connect well with the subjects. Opportunities in digital marketing and ad jobs and relevant online courses also sourced well. Social media media practices at present scenario are well focused. The textbooks which we are following the syllabus which the Universities prescribed no way co related with the present Digital world. Anyhow it is the duty of the Professor to prepare students with the latest knowledge to make their students to get jobs with the latest insghts to survive and prosper. I am thankful to Authors and Publishers for sourcing this textbook to teach more effectively.


—  Prof.N.Gurunatha Naidu, Sree Vidyanikethan Institute of Management, Tirupathi.

The book builds both a firm foundation across the channels of digital marketing from search to social media, while also diving into the most important areas emerging today, from influencer marketing to mixed and augmented reality. It’s a perfect guide for someone new to the world of digital marketing, and a reference manual for those with more experience, sure to provide insights and a new perspective. It’s approach ensures a high level strategic view while digging into practical and tactical tools for the digital marketing professional.


— Jamyn Edis, Head of Data Strategy & Analytics, Take-Two Interactive, Professor, NYU Stern School of Business and Columbia University


I highly recommend Digital Marketing – Strategy & Tactics. The book does a great job of helping students to understand the challenges and opportunities of marketing in a digital era. It also builds upon core marketing concepts with a digital lens applied — which I appreciate as an educator in this too.


— Jennifer B. Barhorst, Ph.D., Marketing Professor, College of Charleston


Digital Marketing – Strategy & Tactics by Kagan and Singh is a very well-written book that explains the topics in a clear and concise manner. It presents relevant tactical issues in context of the wider strategic goals and thus gives the reader a broader perspective of the field. The India edition is filled with examples from India well integrated into the text. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field of digital marketing and its application in India and globally.


— Professor Sharad Borle, PhD., Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University, Houston, USA


Digital Marketing – Strategy & Tactics  by Kagan and Singh is an excellent book that covers a wide range of issues in the field. With numerous examples from India and abroad, it presents cutting-edge practices in digital marketing in the context of the broader marketing strategy, an understanding required for any good digital marketer. While the text is relevant for digital marketers anywhere, the India-specific examples and topics tailor it for the Indian context. I highly recommend it.


— Trichy V. Krishnan, Marketing Professor, NUS Business School, Singapore, and Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India


To be successful in today’s digital landscape, marketers should leverage digital and social technologies effectively. Digital Marketing – Strategy & Tactics is a truly comprehensive and foundational book covering essential digital marketing tools for today’s marketers. This timely and thought-provoking book will be helpful for any typical marketer or a business professional who wants to be relevant and thrive in a highly competitive world.


— Dr. Kiran Pedada, Assistant Professor of Marketing and CIE Research Fellow at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and Mohali, India