Investment Management (Security Analysis and Portfolio Management)

Jay M. Desai, Nisarg A. Joshi

ISBN: 9789351194286

824 pages

INR 499


This book on Investment Management / Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (SAPM) presents information in a standardized and student-friendly format. The content flows seamlessly from one concept to another. Each chapter contains a list of learning objectives, an introduction to the concept, discussions on relevant topics, a conclusion and a summary. The key terms used in the chapters are summarized with brief definitions.


• Landscape of Investment

• Risk and Return

• Fundamental Analysis

• Stock Valuation

• Bond Valuation

• Technical Analysis

• Efficient Market Hypothesis

• Portfolio Analysis and Construction

• Portfolio Evolution and Revision

• Introduction to Derivatives

• Basic Market Concepts and Mechanics

• Stock Futures

• Stock Index Futures

• Stock Index Futures Trading Strategies

• Options

• Option Trading Strategies

• Interest Rate Derivatives

• Foreign Currency Derivatives

• Accounting and Taxation of Futures and Options

• Rights, Warrants and Convertibles

• Glossary,

• Bibliography

• Index


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