Lead Generation for Dummies



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How This Book Is Organized


Part I: Getting Started with Lead Generation

Chapter 1: Beginning Your Lead Generation Journey

Chapter 2: Identifying Your Leads

Chapter 3: Setting Your Lead Generation Goals

Chapter 4: Choosing the Right Technology

Chapter 5: Building a Rock-Star Team


Part II: Connecting Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation  

Chapter 6: Generating Leads with Content Marketing

Chapter 7: Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Your Website

Chapter 8: Humanizing Your Brand with a Blog

Chapter 9: Creating Lasting Relationships Through Social Media

Chapter 10: Getting Found Through Search Engine Optimization


Part III: Linking Outbound Marketing with Lead Generation

Chapter 11: Helping Buyers Find You with Pay-Per-Click Ads

Chapter 12: Casting a Wide Net with Content Syndication

Chapter 13: Targeting with a Personal Touch through Direct Mail

Chapter 14: Seizing the Opportunity to Connect Through Events

Chapter 15: Creating the Final Touch with Inside Sales


Part IV: The Middle of the Funnel

Chapter 16: Communicating Through Email Marketing

Chapter 17: Learning the Basics of Lead Nurturing

Chapter 18: Perfecting Your Lead Generation Techniques with Lead Scoring


Part V: Measuring Your Lead Generation Efforts

Chapter 19: Testing and Optimizing Your Campaigns

Chapter 20: Developing Lead Generation Metrics


Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 21: Ten Common Lead-Generation Pitfalls

Chapter 22: Ten Lead-Generation Influencers to Watch

Chapter 23: Ten Powerful Lead-Generation Tactics







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