Organizational Behaviour

Dr. T. Raju, Dr. R. Prabhu

ISBN: 9789351191810

452 pages

INR 395


This book discusses almost all the concepts in Organizational Behaviour, individual dimensions of Organizational Behaviour, attitude, personality, values, perception, learning, emotional intelligence, leadership, motivation, group/teams, organizational culture, climate,commitment, development and effectiveness, power, politics, impression management, conflicts, negotiation, change management, communication, knowledge management, stress and stress management, in simple language for the benefit of business executives, who are not exposed to the study of Organizational Behaviour and the students of management and allied subjects, who have varied background.


· Organizational Behaviour - An Overview

· Individual Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour

· Attitude and Behaviour

· Personality and Values

· Perception

· Learning

· Emotional Intelligence

· Leadership and Leadership Styles

· Motivation

· Groups and Teams

· Organizational Culture, Climate, Commitment, Development and Effectiveness

· Power, Politics and Impression Management

· Conflicts Management and Negotiation

· Change and Change Management

· Communication and Knowledge Management

· Stress and Stress Management

· Glossary

· Bibliography

· Index


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