Applied Physics for Engineers

Dr. P.K. Diwan

ISBN: 9788126550791

572 pages

INR 599


This book has been designed to serve as a comprehensive text on Engineering Physics that especially meets the requirements of engineering students enrolling in first year. This book is the outcome of more than a decade of my classroom teaching through notes, lectures and assignments prepared for my students. Moreover, the various discussions on different topics with the past year students has helped to shape this book. That is why, the material of the book is built with student-friendly approach and is presented in context of conceptual framework which is comprehensive and cohesive. Each chapter is well grounded which delineates the fundamental concepts of physics and their applications.


· Interference

· Diffraction

· Polarization

· Laser

· Optical Fiber

· Ultrasonics

· Special Theory of Relativity

· Nuclear Radiation and Detection  

· Dielectrics

· Crystal Structure  

· Quantum Theory  

· Free Electron Theory

· Band Theory of Solids

· Superconductivity

· Nanomaterials

· Photoconductivity and Photovoltaics

· Magnetic Properties of Solids

· Electromagnetic Wave Theory

· Nuclear Energy

· Appendices

· Appendix A: Elementary Ideas of Hadrons, Quarks and Gluons

· Appendix B: Nanoscale Materials and Their Applications

· Appendix C: Hologram and its Applications

· Appendix D: Semiconductors and their Classification

· Appendix E: Fundamental Constants and Prefixes

· Index

· Supplements