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Playing Keyboard for Dummies



Part I: Getting Started with Keyboards  

• Living in a Keyboard World

• So Many Keyboards, So Little Time

• Choosing the Right Keyboard for You

• Setting Up and Caring For Your Keyboard


Part II: Dipping Your Toes Fingers into Music Basics

• Musical Notation: Decoding the Musical Language

• Developing Your Fingering and Basic Technique

• Going Chord Crazy


Part III: Using Common Keyboard Features

• Selecting and Playing Sounds

• Using Effects to Enhance Your Sound

• Jamming with the Drummer: Playing Along to Rhythm Patterns

• Join The Band! Adding Accompaniment

• Exploring Arpeggiation


Part IV: Moving into More-Advanced Keyboard Features

• Laying Down Tracks: Recording Your Playing

• Editing Sounds

• Teacher Included: Using Onboard Learning Systems

• Sitting In with the Stars: Playing Along with Recordings

• The Computer Connection: Using Software to Enhance Your Music Making


Part V: The Part of Tens

• Ten Tips for Keyboard Shopping

• Ten Ways to Enhance Your Playing Experience


Appendix: Discovering What's on the Audio Tracks




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