Pneumatic Controls

Joji P.

ISBN: 9788126515424

304 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 629


Pneumatic controls is an introductory textbook designed to provide technical information needed as a foundation for dealing with pneumatic components, circuit diagrams and systems. Educating people to properly use pneumatic power is vitally important as there is a widespread use of pneumatics in industry. Therefore, the book has been designed to teach students, engineers and technicians the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of various operating principles of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic equipment and their controls including computer based controls and maintenance aspects in a simple and powerful way. The aim is to integrate all information including circuit ideas and maintenance aspects of pneumatics at one place in a logical way for the step-by-step learning.



· Industrial Prime Movers

· Introduction to Pneumatics

· Compressed Air Generation and Contamination Control

· Pneumatic Actuators

· Pneumatic Valves and Control Circuits

· Multiple-Actuator Circuits

· Electro-Pneumatics

· Interfacing with PLC

· Pneumatic Application Concepts

· Maintenance

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