Serverless Architectures on AWS

Peter Sbarski, Patrick Debois, Donald F. Ferguson

ISBN: 9789386052100

376 pages

INR 995


 Whether you are a beginner or an expert, just starting out in IT or have years of experience, this book will take you on a journey through serverless architectures. You’ll learn about key patterns, find out about the pros and cons of applying serverless methodologies, and build your own serverless video-sharing website using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Elastic Transcoder, S3, Auth0, and Firebase. You’ll also learn a lot about AWS and recommended frameworks for organizing and deploying your serverless applications.This book is organized into three parts. The first takes you through basic serverless principles and discusses key architectures and patterns.

Part-1: First Steps
1. Going serverless
2. Architectures and patterns
3. Building a serverless application
4. Setting up your cloud
5. Authentication and authorization

Part-2: Core Ideas
6. Lambda the orchestrator
7. API Gateway

Part-3: Growing Your Architecture
8. Storage
9. Database
10. Going the last mile

Appendix A: Services for your serverless architecture
Appendix B: Installation and setup
Appendix C: More about authentication and authorization
Appendix D: Lambda insider
Appendix E: Models and mapping
Appendix F: S3 event message structure
Appendix G: Serverless Framework and SAM


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