Spark: The Power to Become Big is Within You

Prof. M.S. Rao

ISBN: 9788126578153

168 pages

INR 309


In this book, the author shares his 37 years of diversified experience including military, teaching, training, research and consultancy. He distils his years of experience and knowledge into 21 unique habits, practices and tools to convert ordinary individuals into extraordinary achievers. It contains inspiring examples and illustrations of extraordinary achievers and international leaders.

International Acclaim for Professor M.S. Rao’s Book!




1. Introduction

2. Acquire Self-Awareness

3. Discover Your Biological Clock

4. Be an Early Riser

5. Exercise Every Day

6. Acquire Internal Locus of Control  

7. Visualize Effectively  

8. Equip with Affirmations

9. Use Your Internal Dialogue Effectively

10. Strengthen Your Subconscious Mind

 11. Journal Regularly

 12. Read Avidly  

13. Improve Your Memory

14. Improve Your Concentration

15. Practice Yoga Daily

16. Practice Meditation

17. Cultivate Mindfulness

18. Acquire Emotional Intelligence

19. Practice for 21 Days

20. Take Feedback

 21. Be Persistent

22. Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

23. Conclusion


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