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  1. Machine Learning
    Machine Learning

    Anuradha Srinivasaraghavan, Vincy Joseph

    INR 469
  2. Tensorflow For Machine Intelligence
    Tensorflow For Machine Intelligence

    Sam Abrahams, Danijar Hafner, Erik Erwitt, Ariel Scarpinelli

    INR 799
  3. Artificial Intelligence For Dummies
    Artificial Intelligence For Dummies

    John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron

    INR 699
  4. Automation with Puppet 5
    Automation with Puppet 5

    Yogesh Raheja, Dennis McCarthy

    INR 769
  5. Automation with Ansible
    Automation with Ansible

    Yogesh Raheja

    INR 769

Items 21-30 of 31

per page